Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour

Movie posters designed by Olly Moss.

2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour: We Are All Workers
Free screenings of famous movies in famous places.
Levi’s / Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Jackie Brown
8/6/2010, Torrance, CA

Dirty Harry
8/7/2010, San Francisco

There Will Be Blood
8/8/2010, Bakersfield, CA

8/8/2010, Las Vegas, NV

The Blues Borthers
8/13/2010, Joliet, IL

8/14/2010, Detroit, MI

Rocky I, II, and III
8/19/2010, Philadelphia, PA

On the WaterFront
8/20/2010, Hoboken, NJ

The Godfather: Part II
8/27/2010, New York City, NY

These striking poster were discovered while trolling through Apple’s movie trailer section.

A quick Google search led to these larger samples on the OMGPosters site.

These posters were created by Olly Moss. On the outset, there isn’t any reason for there to be the modern Saul Bass, the artist who was responsible for advertising posters for “Vertigo,” “The Man with the Golden Arm,” and many others. But judging by Moss’s portfolio site, that reason just may be because an image should communicate more than “this movie stars Sarah Jessica Parker and friends.”

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