Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ceramic Replicas of Disney Parks’ Iconic Popcorn Box and Cold Drink Cups

Collectible replicas created for Disneyland’s 55th anniversary.

Ceramic Disneyland Classic Popcorn Box
July 2010.

 Ceramic Disneyland Classic “Paper Cup”
Limited to 1955.
July 2010.

Walt Disney World turns 40 this year and Kevin and Jody Kidney were invited to concept nostalgic collectibles for the Orlando resort’s anniversary. The two adore the vintage look of WDW in all its ’seventies orange and lime-green goodness.

 Vintage graphic Magic Kingdom “paper cup”, cast in ceramic.

The items are already beginning to be released at various locations around the Florida resort.
Note to west coast Disney fans, we've been informed that as of now, there are no plans to offer the Florida collectibles in Anaheim, but you can order these items though the Walt Disney World Guest Services Mail Order Merchandise Dept. by calling (407) 363-6200.)
Kevin Kidney is a long-time Disney designer, now a self-employed art director, illustrator, writer, sculptor, and maker of things.

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