Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mondo Mini Shows

Mondo Theatre One on YouTube

Mondo Mini Shows (also known as Mondo Media) is an American company that produces animation targeted at teens and young adults.*


Dick Figures
The series revolves around two dysfunctional stick figure friends named Red and Blue who make up for what they lack in smarts and sex appeal with a really long string of bad decisions*.
Dick Figures was created by Ed Skudder, who wrote, directed and voiced the episode along with Zack Keller.

Happy Tree Friends
Despite its childish appearance and cute name, the show is extremely violent , with almost every episode featuring blood, pain, and gruesome deaths. *
Happy Tree Friend was created by Kenn Navarro and Rhode Montijo

Baman Piderman
Along with their friends Pumkin and Tuba, the two animated inanimate objects, the two go on unrealistic, comedic adventures during the course of each episode.**
Baman Piderman (Sometimes written Baman & Piderman) is a show created by Alex Butera and Lindsay Small.

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