Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saving Mr. Banks

Saving Mr. Banks [PG-13]
Directed by John Lee Hancock

Grade: B-
Down-Graded from B.

-1: Casting (Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, Jason Schwartzman as Richard M. Sherman, B.J. Novak as Robert Sherman).
+1: Performances (Emma Thompson as P.L.Travers).
par: Story structure (interweaved flashbacks).
par: Historical inconsistencies (appearance of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Winnie the Pooh (1966) plush in 1961 setting).
-1: Lack of expository epilogue.

+ Clever opening “Walt Disney” title card.
+ Sample of P.L. Travers story meeting audio recording over beginning of end credits.

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  1. It was a sweet movie that didn't take the cheap shots it needed to in order to get us emotional. It just told its story, and relied mainly on the wonderful cast. Nice review.