Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Noel Cruz

In what could be described as photographic retouching, but on dolls, artist Noel Cruz has mastered photo-realistic painting on doll heads.

From Cruz’s website:
Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Noel Cruz came from a less than affluent family to say the least. Being the third oldest of 6 brothers, Noel began working as a child doing house cleaning to help support his family. Though hardship defined their way of life it played an important role to Noel's future. Being a child with no toys nor the freedom to be with other children, Noel discovered another outlet for his creative young mind: art. 
Several years later, after having immigrated to the United States with his wife and young son, Noel began collecting dolls for his wife.
While looking on ebay for a doll to further add to his wife's collection, Noel discovered repainted dolls. Seeing how unique and beautiful a repainted doll's face could look, Noel was curious and excited to make his own. 
Currently, Noel still repaints dolls and draws portraits. He one day hopes to model dolls of his own.

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