Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Supernatural Parody by The Hillywood Show®

Published by The Hillywood Show May 21, 2015 on YouTube

Supernatural’s, Dean Winchester, struggles with the effects of bearing the Mark of Cain. Until Sam and Castiel find a cure, Dean has no other choice but to just “Shake It Off!” The Hillywood Show® brings the SPN Family a parody of epic proportions, that includes, Angels, Demons, Crowley, the Chevy Impala and fan favorite moments from the CW’s Supernatural!  

Starring, Osric Chau as “Sam”, Rob Benedict as “Cain” and special guest cameos from the Cast of Supernatural, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and more!

Created by Hilly Hindi and Hannah Hindi
Director: Hannah Hindi
Editor Hilly Hindi
Screen play: Hilly Hindi

• Executive Produced by Nerdist.com: 

• “Shake It Off” Cover by Twenty One Two:

• Supernatural Parody Official Lyrics:

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Dean Winchester - - - Hilly Hindi
Castiel - - - Hannah Hindi
Sam Winchester - - - Osric Chau
Cain - - - Rob Benedict
Crowley - - - Adam Stuckey

Special thanks to the amazing cast of Supernatural for being a part of this production:
Jared Padalecki  -  Jensen Ackles
Misha Collins  -  Rob Benedict
Matt Cohen  -  Osric Chau
Gil McKinney  -  Tim Omundson
Tahmoh Penikett  -  Samantha Smith
Richard Speight, Jr.  -  Sebastian Roche
Lauren Tom  -  Mark Pellegrino
Travis Aaron Wade  -  Tyler Johnston

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