Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nerdy Weather Lady Slips 20 Batman and Superman Puns into Broadcast

published by 5 News on YouTube March 25th, 2016
found on Digg.comhttp://digg.com/video/weather-woman-batman-superman

People around the world were very excited about "Batman v Superman,' but it's hard to beat the passion of this English television Channel 5’s weather woman, Sian Welby, who slipped 20 Batman and Superman puns into a single minute-long broadcast.

Here’s my poor transcription:

“Hi, I’m Sian Welby. Well, you needed x-ray vision to see through the fog in some parts this morning. Even touch of frost in the Small-ville-ages, so it’s Harley Quinn-sidence that temperatures will be the Lois in the North and the West. But Lex have look at how things progress this afternoon. Now sun will struggle to Dent the clouds the north Adam West, and rain will Affleck Northern Ireland and Western Scotland. Across England and Wales, well, we’ll see almost Olsen shine here, with highs of 13 or 14 degrees in Kent. Now, if you’re going on a [car-pic?] tonight, just be aware that things have gotten bat to worse. Low pressure systems moving from the Atlantic means that as the Dark Night Rises, all wind, Wayne and clouds will be the Bane of the West, and low pressure will suddenly Steel the city conditions from us on Saturday afternoon. If you did Wonder about Easter Sunday, well, there’s no justice and we’ll have Two Face more unsettled conditions. Expect the clouds to be Gray-son in short supply, and once again we’ve got lots of scattered showers. Some of which will be heavy and thundery. Super.


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