Thursday, October 27, 2016

Client Feedback!

a.k.a. My Client Is a Graphic Designer
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Posted October 10, 2016

Reported on Creative Bloq [] as
Famous Artworks Ruined with Design by Committee

Satire based on an initial idea of Twitterer @MarieJulien with imagined clients’ feedback on several iconic posters.

See graphéine’s article for HD images.

Swiss painter, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen’s 1896 poster promoting the Parisian cabaret, Le Chat noir (the Black Cat).
A black kitten?

Graphic designer Saul Bass’ minimalistic poster for Otto Preminger’s “Anatomy of a Murder.”
Blood, please!

Milton Glaser’s poster that was originally included as a bonus in a CD compilation of Bob Dylan’s songs.
Dylan isn’t black!
Graphéine continues the treatment on the Louvre museum’s logo as seen on it’s web site.

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