Monday, February 14, 2011


 This is an Imperial Walker sculpture made from 
recycled computer parts and other scrap metal materials. 

This Bender won’t swipe your wallet or drink all your beer, 
but he will look real cool wherever you put him.

  Mini-ED is made from recycled computer parts and other metals.

Sage Werbock,  has several metal work sculptures available at

“Hi! My name is Sage and I am the Great Nippulini. I am a retired sideshow performer, currently a working professional body piercer since 1993 (Phila. lic. #8586). Since 2003 I have been self taught in the field of metalworking. In the past years I have exceled with hand forging steel and iron, become proficient in stick, MIG, TIG and forge welding and metal sculpture.” - from his etsy biography

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