Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Parents Text

This blog is dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cellphone.

  • DAD: Why do you keep sending me half finished texts.
  • ME: What are you talking about? I’m sending you whole texts.
  • DAD: Send me separate texts if they’re long. I can’t see any more than a sentence.
  • ME: Dad, scroll down.
  • DAD: Oh. 

Chocolate Chip
  • Dad: What are you doing?
  • Me: I’m at Grandma’s house. What do you need?
  • Dad: I want cookies. Chocolate chip. Get them for me. I will pay.
  • Me: Ask mom.
  • Dad: I did. She won’t. Says no. Get cookies please.
  • Me: I will on my way home.
  • (10 minutes later)
  • Dad: Nevermind. Mom found texts. NO COOKIES! ABORT MISSION!

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