Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Adventure Time All Over ComicCon

SDCC 2012 - Cartoon Network has announced a first-of-its kind challenge for all Adventure Time-loving Comic-Con attendees: complete the Adventure Time “Comic-Con Quest” and be named a victor!

Cartoon Network’s 2011 booth at SDCC.

To participate in the Adventure Time “Comic-Con Quest,” fans must visit the Cartoon Network booth (#3735) to pick up a custom map that will outline their journey. From there, they must visit every stop on the map, which include all of the network’s participating partners showcasing Adventure Time products at their booths, to collect a custom stamp signifying they were there. Once all 10 stamps are collected, fans will return to the Cartoon Network booth where they will be rewarded with an exclusive, custom award fit for a victor.

Check out the Beat for a rundown of participating booths.


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