Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wizard Academy

Mr. Mysto’s Wizard Academy: Simple Magic & Stunts
as revealed to John Carney
Illustrations by Stephanie Gladden
ISBN #0-9701287-2-X
80 pp., B&W, 2011 Carney Magic

The book boldly describes its own purpose for occupying space on your book shelf, which is to “fool family and friends with these great tricks from the self-proclaimed king of magic!”
Simply laid out and always with a sense of humor and fun, the tricks, one suspects, are probably harder to perform successfully than might be implied by the easy manner in which the information is presented. Still, Mr. Mysto, frequently encourages the macgic student to “practice, practice, practice.” Almost every page features Stephanie Gladden’s charming and informative illustrations of Mr. Mysto and his feline assistant Nepomuk.

Available online for $20 postpaid NorthAmerica.

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