Thursday, July 31, 2014

Disney Parks Blog - Banner Headers, part 8

Which is better: Disneyland or Disney World? I think how one answers that question more shows one’s own biases than a well-considered, impartial conclusion.

On the west coast, Disneyland Park is the original and the park that Walt worked on from start to opening trough its successful first eleven years. Disneyland Resort also includes the second Park, Disney California Adventure, hotels and a shopping district is spread out over about 400 acres not including parking and non-entertainment developments. If you were to check out Disneyland site, the Original Park has 53 listed attractions.

On the east coast, Walt Disney World is a huge complex blessed with size at over 27,000 acres that’s comprised of four major theme parks, water parks, resorts, shopping districts and more. The Magic Kingdom, its first park and mostly Disneyland Park analog has 43 list attractions on its site today.

I won’t attempt to offer any type of answer here. You can find plenty of other sites who run through comprehensive and exhaustive compare and contrasts lists on the matter.

However, to my core statement, if every answer to the question is subjective, does the Disney Parks Blog reveal any sort of bias between the two resort complexes? I think that they do post more about Disneyland than the other parks. The blog definitely posts about the Disney Cruise Lines the least. I think the topic distribution has to do with the the blog being a portal for new things, and Disneyland probably introduces more new things, mostly in the form of events and merchandise, to cater to the sizable percentage of guests who live in Orange County and regard the Park pretty much as their playground. Judging by the headers in part one of this series, Disneyland is represented most. Almost conspicuously on the low end is Disney’s Animal Kingdom (DAK).

— Walt Disney World, FL —

— Disneyland Resort, CA —

— Disneyland Resort, CA —

These Banner Headers appeared in rotation earlier this year. The DAK headers bolstering for a grossly under-represented park, even if about half of them look like some body else’s vacation photos - some body else’s professionally shot vacation photos.

The Disneyland Frozen Meet-and-Greet might be a good reason to usher in new Disneyland themed headers, as perhaps one for the stage-show Mickey and the Magical Map. However, since, as a whole, randomizing banner headers need not be an attempt to show everything that’s a blog has, and therefore they needn’t represent more of Tomorrowland or Critter Country, the new Disneyland headers end up being nice additions because they’re pretty.

 Disneyanadocious rating so far: (8/10): D D D D D D D D - -

For an interesting analysis of how Disneyland is designed for its size, read The Awkward Transitions of Disneyland! on Passport To Dreams blog.

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