Saturday, June 7, 2014

Disney Parks Blog - Banner Headers, part 3

In the summer 2012, Cars Land opened in Disney California Adventure (DCA), Disneyland Resort, CA. The themed addition is located on what was once the “Timon” parking lot, designated with the creation of DCA in 2001, both of which, of course, were built on a parcel of land that once was the guest parking lot for the original Disneyland park.

The district or “land” added three attractions and three restaurants/ food service areas and a few shops to the park. As small as it is, it may yet have been the most successful real life recreation of a Disney (or Disney/PIXAR) film, looking and feeling like the main drag of Radiator Springs - like the “actual” Radiator Springs that might have inspired the events of the Cars films.

This may have over shadowed the official completion of DCA’s five-year long redesign of that summer including the unveiling of Buena Vista Street, formerly Sunshine Plaza. The new themed land also features the Carthay Circle Restaurant, a re-creation of the Los Angeles Carthay Circle Theatre, which in 1937 showcased the premiere of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The new building may well be a proper iconic landmark in the way that castles serve other Disney parks - better than the now removed Sun icon in the plaza or the Grizzly Peak bear head.

Disney Parks Blog, being what it is, updated itself with Cars Land themed banner headers and new shots of DCA.

Here are ten gorgeous DCA headers:

– Disney California Adventures, Disneyland Resort, CA –

– Disney California Adventure, Disneyland, CA – 


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