Sunday, June 29, 2014

Disney Parks Blog - Banner Headers, part 5

Photography plays a hugely important part of the Disney Parks Blog’s presentation, which may go without saying. The Parks themselves are designed and landscaped in such a way that they’re quite photogenic and of which are difficult to take bad shots unless one truly isn’t trying.

Unfortunately, photo credits are not widely presented on the blog. However, I’ve noted these few photographer/ contributors: Gene Duncan, Garth Vaughan, Paul Hiffmeyer, Tom Bricker, Matt Stroshane, and Ali Nasser.

To-day’s topic of the blog headers: the 2012 opening of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

— Walt Disney World, FL —

Disneyanadociaous rating so far: (6/10): D D D D D D - - - - 

Samples from the photographers:

Gene Duncan (Walt Disney World)

Garth Vaughan (WDW)

Paul Hiffmeyer (Chief Photographer for Public Relations, Disneyland Resort)

Tom Bricker (WDW)

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  1. Yeah, I dinged them for this set of six banners. Because of the following: 1) There are only six of them; 2) Neither the “Cars” nor the “Finding Nemo” themed parts are represented; 3) The Ariel and Ursula shots are just from slightly different vantages and the utilitarian “stacked boxes” parts of the resort aren’t as interesting as the gigantic figures not shown nor the resort lobby. As a whole, the set doesn’t match the romantic visual quality of the previous banner headers, including the overcast “Star Wars Weekend” shots.